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3rd Grade




We are learning about multiplication and the meaning of the factors


We are learning division as an unknown factor problem


We are learning multiplication using units of 2 and 3

Welcome to 3rd Grade!


1. Math Worksheet pp.3-4

2. Reading Log:30 min

3. Use your Reader's Journal - Readers, you will be given a bookmark. One side has strategies from our Chart, "Readers Climb the Hurdle of a Word by..." The other side has "Readers Understand a Story by..." Read tonight with your bookmarks next to you. You want to make sure that if run into trouble, you can take action right away. Use Post-its notes to mark the places in your book where you used a strategy. On two of those notes same the strategy you used and explain how it helped you. Use your Reader's Journal if you don't have Post-its. 


1. Review Math Test with parents. Sign and Return.

2. Reading Log: 30 min

3. Use your Reader's Mark to write In your Reading Journal about what you read today. Use the emojis to tell us how you felt or thought about a part in the book.

4. Don't forget to wear white or bright clothing for tomorrow's Black Light Party!



If I could have anything I wished for

what it would be and why?


Due 10/15/17


Lunar Eclipse





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Melrose Engineers


U.S. Constitution



Essential Question: Why do people participate in government?