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3rd Grade




We are learning about multiplication and the meaning of the factors


We are learning division as an unknown factor problem


We are learning multiplication using units of 2 and 3

Read to Succeed with Just Right Reading Books

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Reading Articles Online


Welcome to 3rd Grade!


1. Read  Natural Defenses Chapter 1. Use Boxes and Bullets to

write down important information. Write it on your Reading Journal.

2. Go to Benchmark. Open Animal Adaptations Book. Take notes and highlight for Chapter 1 and 2. 


1. Math Worksheet pp. 47-48

2. Reading: 30 mins


Readers, for your homework tonight, continue to read the nonfiction article (Wonderful Octopus) you were reading in school today. Make sure you fill out your reading log. Read tonight with your notebook open beside you. Stop when your mind is full to organize what you read into boxes and bullets, just like you learned today.

4. Parent Letter

5. If you have time- play the memory game with your parent.


Winter Assignments

1. Click on the NEWSELA button. Log in with Google. Read the articles and take the quiz.

2. Cane Toad Engineering Project. Read the Handout and Schoology.

3. Go to Resources on this page and open Handout under CANE TOAD HANDOUT


HAVE a GREAT Winter Break!!! See you January 8th, 2018!


Lunar Eclipse




Engineering Project - Building a free standing structure

Engineering Project - Building a free standing structure


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Melrose Engineers


U.S. Constitution



Essential Question: Why do people participate in government?