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Mr. Whalen

CA gold medel.png

California Gold Medal Videos

Melrose CA Young Reader Medal Challenge 2017


Due Date: April 26, 2017

Big Idea: Readers use persuasion to clearly and persuasively express ideas about books.

Essential Questions: How can we generate excitement about great literature for elementary school students?

Challenge: Create a book trailer that is no more than 60 seconds.

Assessment: Videos will be judged based on:

Clarity of  Message

  • Images, dialogue, and music create an atmosphere that matches the message.

  • Technical Skill (Editing, Sound Quality, Framing,.....

  • Any use of text (titles) is easily read with no grammatical errors.

Submission: Each classroom may submit one video. Videos can be produced individually, as a class, or in groups.



  • Keep it simple.

  • For ease of planning, use note cards to script “scenes.” (Be clear and concise)

  • Voiceovers provide the best sound quality on our tools.

  • Using music?  Add last.

Eureka Math

Eureka Math

Module 2

Lesson 21-23

We are starting to work with base 10 blocks for addition and subtraction.

Counting on or making ten to solve result unknown and total unknown problems. 


-Addition to 20

-Adding 3 numbers by making 10

-Making 10 to add

-base 10 blocks

-fluency of addition to 20

-Subtraction to 20

-word problems to 120


Treasures Unit 6 Week 2

Unit 6 Week 1

week of April 24, 2017



Big Idea: FUN!

What fun places have you visited

What is something hard you have learned to do?


Spelling: variant vowel /o/

haul, cause, saw, claw, paw, dawn


High Frequency Words: along, early, instead, nothing


Challenge words-  errand, suddenly (on Monday)

dares, humble, permit, predicament, solution




capitalizing "I"



opinion writing (books-California Gold Medal winners challenge)

informational writing (baby animals)




Please share your email with your child in order that they may share documents on GOOGLE DRIVE!

iPads @HOME

iPad ideas for home

(your personal iPhone or iPad should be used to charge the iPads)

(best option 


  • Hour of Code
  • Retell iMovies
    • Kitten's First Full Moon
  • Science Movies
    • Movement of the sun
      • ​​​​​​​shadows
      • ​​​​​​​patterns
  • Writing in Google Drive
    • Email/password provided for each children
  • Opinion writing and iMovie about great books you read
  • Post iMovies on Google Drive​​​​​​​
  • Post artwork on Google Drive/KidBlog
  • Post positive comments on Kidblog


Things not to do on you Melrose/LAUSD ipad

  • Play video games
  • minecraft, etc.
  • Watch movies from Disney, NickJr., YouTube, etc.




Role: Guest
Expires: Dec 14, 2016 


Please use this code to be a guest on our blog!



LINK....please let me know if this works!



PBL-Flat Stanley

"KIDS!  if You keep your sense of humor, and reach out to other kids in ALL the world, and get them to reach out to you in their own way, there may be a human race here in another 100 years!"


Pete Seeger, written to Dale Hubuert on the back of his FLAT STANLEY!


Classroom 12 assessments

All classroom assessments will be conducted and recorded with our SMART Response system.  


SMART response.jpg


Today: 4/23/17

Class Schedule

Daily Schedule

08:00 am-08:30am BIC/Morning Busines
08:30 am - 09:50 am | Language Arts Treasures
09:50 am - 10:10 am | Recess
10:10 am - 11:00 am | Lang. Arts / Writer's Workshop

11:00 am - 11:50 am Eureka Math
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm | Lunch

12:35pm-1:30pm complete Eureka Math
1:30 pm - 02:25 pm | /Science / Engineering/ Social Studies / Health / Computer Lab / P.E. / Art / PBL
02:25 pm - 02:30 pm | Closing

Fitness/PE - Wednesday  TBA (please have your children wear sneakers!)

Music - Thursday TBA


Science Lab - Thursday PM

ART-Friday Art Afternoons







This is where you are able to view your child's digital writing, videos, and more.

Your child knows how to post on this blog. If they loose their email or ...more


Videos posted on KID BLOG



Students have read the story Little Red Hen and will be making their own movies to retell the story.


These will be posted on KID BLOG! (due date: Friday, September 30, 2016)


Mininum grade


  • 8 photos
  • Voice over for each photo
  • Title/written explanation of the "retell!"
  • 1 spelling per title
  • must have proper capitalization at beginning of sentence and punctuation at end of sentence.
  • photo must be without carpet, table, etc. in background.