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Ms. Miyaji

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Miyaji, Sachiko
Teacher (5th Grade)

Absence Notes

When your child is absent, please send a note stating the reason for the absence.  THANK YOU!

Scholastic Reading Club News

Our class will be participating with the Scholastic Reading Club formerly known as Scholastic Book Club.  This is a great way to purchase books at a great price.  If you would like to order online, please go to:

Our class code is  GXWDF.  




Language Arts

In Literacy, we will do Units of Study in Reading and Writing.  

Reader's Workshop

  • Students will be reading literature in partnerships of two or three students from our classroom libraries.
  • These libraries have been funded through grants and teachers' money.
  • Students need to treat books respectfully
  • Damaged or lost books need to be replaced

Writer's Workshop



Module 1:  Sums and Differences to 100

Module 2:  Addition and Subtraction of Length Units

A:  Understand Concepts About the Ruler

B:  Measure and Estimate Length using Different Measurement Tools

C:  Measure and Compare Lengths Using Different Length Units

D:  Relate Addition and Subtraction to Legnth



Mathematical Practice

  1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  4. Model with mathematics
  5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
  6. Attend to precision.
  7. Look for and make use of structure.
  8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Room 14 Attendance

It is important for students to attend school everyday, on time, and for the full length of the school day.  Excellent school attendance paves the way for academic achievement.  Melrose Elementary's goal is for all students to achieve 96% attendance or better, having no more than 5 - 7 absences for the school year.


2017 California Streaming Photo Contest

Room 14 was able to submit 10 entries in the 2017 California Streaming Photo Contest.

See the link for the results.

Welcome to Room 14!

Welcome to Room 14's webpage! 

I'm looking forward to the many learning adventures that we will have this school year.  Here you will find the updates for Room 14 regarding assignments, projects, and the various learning experiences.  Check out 2013-14 5th Grade webpage for for detailed learning experiences.

I invite you to my personal webpage for more information about me.

We Blog on KidBLogs!

Check out our KidBlogs!

Ms. Miyaji, Room 14 (2017-2018) is our Class's Name on KidBlogs.


We started using Schoology as our Learning Management System (LMS).  Students log in using their lausd email username and password. 


Second Grade Community is using Course:  GRADE 2: Section 1

Melrose Second Grade Students are STARRS!

Our Community Agreements

Upcoming Events




School Library

We visit the school Library weekly on Fridays.  Students need to return their school library books on Fridays!


Classroom Library

Students book shop weekly.  See the schedule for your child's book shopping day of the week.  Your child is bringing home books daily to read at home.  Those books and the book log need to return to school on a daily basis.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Christina Azariah Ashtan Donatello Liam
Eduardo Eleanore Julian Gryffin Rose Maicom
Griffin Selena Kenny Raphael Mila
Roman Yuridia Khuslen Lucy Spencer
  Mahican Razin Sad  


Instructional Reading Expectations for 2nd Grade for Text Reading Comprehension (TRC) with Fountas & Pinnell Levels


Beginning of Year

(Aug - Sept)

2nd Interval

(Jan - Feb)

End of Year

(May - June)

4 - Exceeds Expectations

J +

L +

N +

3 - Meets Expectations


J to K

L to M

2 - Approaches Expectations

F to H



1 - Does Not Meet Expectations

E and below

H and below

J and below

Suggested Activities to do at HOME

See below for tasks that should be done at home.

iPad are being sent home.  They need to return with their iPad charged daily.


Must Do:

1)  Read (Students select books from school.  They also have a book log & should be jotting in their Reader's Notebook.)

2) Journal Entries (at least 3 per week AND Do NOT skip pages as the journal should last most of the year)


Journal Drop-Off Schedule:

Teachers will read your child's journal on his/her Journal Drop-off day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Ashtan Griffin Lucy Roman
Azariah Gryffin Rose Mahika Samantha
Christina Julian Maicom Selena
Donatello Kenny Mila Spencer
Eduardo Khuslen Raphael Swad
Eleanore Liam Razin Yuridia


May Do:

  • Dream Box (Students do this independently / on their OWN)
  • Word Study activites (Students may bring home their Word Study folders to show their families what spelling patterns they are learning this week.) (Note:  There is a weekly spelling quiz.)
  • Epic Reading
  • Math apps
  • other activities are coming

About Sachiko Miyaji

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  I received a BS in Psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles.  GO BRUINS!  I obtained my teaching credential from California State University, Los Angeles.  In the summer of 2008, I completed a Masters program: MA in Educational Administration, Option:  Educational Leadership from California State University, Los Angeles.  I earned National Board Certification (an advanced teaching credential):  Class of  2012.  To learn more about National Board Certification, click on this link.  Spring of 2014 I completed a 2 year fellowship with the Cotsen Art of Teaching.  

About Madee

Ms. Miyaji and her pets


2nd Grade: School Supply Wishes


Student Supplies

  • 2 composition books (black/white cover)
  • 5 durable, 2-pocket folders, at least one plastic, with 3 fasteners for binder paper

Classroom Supplies (for students and teachers to use as a community)

  1. pens (blue, black, red, green)
  2. Crayons - 24 count
  3. Colored pencils
  4. Colored markers, thick and thin (Box of 8)
  5. Black dry erase markers (thin)
  6. Color pack of dry erase markers (chisel)
  7. Plastic sheet protectors (1 pack)
  8. Glue sticks
  9. Photocopy Paper 
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Boxes of tissues
  12. Post-It notes (to use during Reader's Workshop)

Physical Education (Students should be prepared daily)

  • Tennis shoes/ athletic shoes
  • Appropriate clothes for PE


Please Note: Parent purchases are voluntary, and greatly appreciated. 


Thanks to everyone who attended the mandatory Digital Citizenship meeting with their child.  Students who attended with their parent(s) are now able to take home a laptop.  There are several families that have NOT attended.  Attend a make-up meeting so that your child is able to take home a laptop.  It is a MANDATORY meeting.

Practice Keyboarding with Typing Club

For Homeroom 28 students:

Use your ixl UserName and Password

Physical Education

Second Grade will have weekly Physical Education on Wednesdays with Coach Andy from Got Game, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays with Mr. Gaffield, Ms. Miyaji, Ms. Weisner, and Ms. Lopez.


Please have your child dressed appropriately for physical activities on the days stated above.


How to talk about Books with your Child

In Literacy (reading), it is not only important to learn to read the words in a book, but in is even more important to understand what you are reading.  There are different levels of comprehension.  You may want to ask these type of questions when talking about a book.


Literal  Characters, setting, problem, plot detail

  • What happened in this story?
  • Who are the characters?
  • Where does it happen?

Inference  Connects details of story, grasps implicit meaning

  • Is it possible that?
  • What might happen before/after...?

Critical  Evaluates story information and meaning.

  • Do you have opinions about the story?
  • What do you like/not like about the story?

Creative  Imagination sparked by story.

  • Has anything like this happened to you?
  • Tell a story that comes to mind after reading this.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to these projects! Both are now completely funded.

Room 28 Project:  Creating a Fifth Grade Library Together!

This project qualified for a matching grant from Kia.  Kia will match funds for this project when the other half gets funded by donors AND while their funds last. 

Room 28 Project:  5th Grade Library II (American Chiller) and MORE!

This project qualified for a matching grant from Elsa & David Foundation.

All materials have arrived!