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Bertuccelli, Stacy
Staff (Magnet Coordinator)

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Magnet Coordinator

Bus Information

The best way to get information about all transportation concerns is by calling 1-800-LA-BUSES.

Melrose Star Student Poem


by Kristina A for the 2011 Melrose Poetry Slam-Jam


The Melrose Pledge

I am a Melrose Star and I pledge today to be my best in every way.

I will do my very best in reading, math, and all the rest.

I’ll respect myself and others too.

I’ll expect the best in all I do.

I am here to learn all I can to try my best and be all I am.

Call for Volunteers

Your time, talent and caring is needed!

  • Community Outreach. Assist magnet coordinator in distributing information to targeted areas in the community. Make signs for upcoming events.
  • Arts’ Connections. Projects as outlined in arts’ plan. Scan work for Artsonia. Teach classes.
  • Class Library Inventory. Create a database of all our book collections in classrooms. After school hours only.
  • Bus Greeters. Meet the buses in the morning or afternoon. 7:25-8:00 or 2:25 – 2:50
  • Living Creature Care. Attention to the need of living things in science lab. Weekly and over holidays.
  • Science Lab Leader. Assist in the continuing renovation and daily upkeep of the science lab.

Please check out our parent section for more information.

Thank you!

Welcome Melrose Stars

As Melrose blooms into a math/science/technology magnet, I want you to know that I am your school resource for questions regarding magnet policies, technology use,  and transportation concerns. Please contact me by email or leave a note in the office. I am here to serve you and your children.

We are a team. Together we will nourish our rigorous academic program, where the arts are integral to learning, and our cultural diversity is celebrated.

Call, email, or send me a note. We have a common mission: to support  your children in discovering their strengths and passions while achieving a high-level of academic success. Your questions or ideas help us greatly in working together to give our students a superior elementary-school experience. 


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Branches of Science: Life* Physical* Earth*


The branches of science-study are built upon the foundation of investigation. Melrose students apply the scientific method in gaining knowledge of physical, life, and earth sciences. Scientist students raise questions, observe, analyze, discuss, and share knowledge of their deepening scientific understandings. Beginning in kindergarten, our scientists maintain science notebooks as a structure for developing and capturing academic growth. Student achievement is also tracked through formal assessments.


Mr. Landaverde's Memorial

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2009  San Juan Capistrano Study Trip