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Mr. Willis

Access to Benchmark and Dreambox

Access to Benchmark and Dreambox

Next Gen. Science - NATURE


THEME - Stories Have Characters

How are the characters in THIS story different then those from THAT story?


How can you tell how a character feels or reacts in a story?

Classroom management and communication

Classroom management and communication

Classroom Agenda

8:00  Doors Open

8:06 ~ 8:30 

    • Brain Gym / hydration GLAD YOU CAME
    • Welcome with Breakfast in the Classroom
    • Attendance
    • Pledge
    • Home/School Communications
    • Calenda 

8:30 ~ 9:50 Language Arts / Literacy (reading focus)

9:50 ~ 10:10 Hygiene / Nutrition Break

10:10 ~ 11:00 Language Arts / Literacy(writing focus)

11:00 ~ 11:45  Eureka Math

                        IXL and SPRINT

11:30 -11:45  Wash hands for lunch 

12:00 ~ 12:45 Lunch

12:45 ~ 2:00 Science / Technology and Engineering

2:00 ~ 2:25  Social Studies/ Health/ Art / Physical Education

2:25 ~ 2:30 Daily Review/Brain Gym - GoNoodle

Language Development



benchmark advantage

Special Day Agenda Enhancement

Monday -  Science Lab / Tech Lab

Tuesday - Engineering / Tech Time and Hollywood Council for Creative Arts

Wednesday - Sports w/ Coach Andy - Garden Rangers beginning December - Lunchtime Art and School Library time w/ Ms. Patty

Thursday - Music w/ Ms. Amy 

Friday - Dance w/ Ms. Smith AM and Lunchtime Music and Big Buddies

WAYS TO SHOW (insert any number)


MATH - Weekly topics of conversation

Piano finger counting.....

I know, I know "Is it important"?