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Thus far this year

Ms. Greiving's Class

April Foci

This month our science and literacy units focus on animals!


Week 1 - Incredible Insects

Week 2 - The Amazing Ocean

Week 3 - Animals Now and Then



  • Counting to 100 by 1s and 10s
  • Describing objects in the environment
    • below, above, beside, in front, behind
  • Comparing lengths and weights (e.g., longer? shorter? equal?)


  • rhyming


  • Informative Writing - Students will work on 

Oral language:

  • We will continue with our daily questions (what did you have for dinner last night?)
  • What are you wearing? focusing on clothing vocabulary

March Foci

This month our science and language unit is weather!


Week 1 - What is weather? 

Week 2 - What are seasons and how do they relate to weather?

Week 3 - How does the weather affect us?



  • Counting to 100 by 1s and 10s
  • Writing our numbers 0-20
  • Adding within 10
  • Analyzing and comparing 2d (flat) and 3d (solid) shapes
  • Describing objects in the environment
    • below, above, beside, in front, behind


  • Phoneme segmentation (cat c-a-t)
  • Blending


  • Opinion pieces
    • Week 1 - Expressing a preference or opinion
    • Week 2 - Giving a reason for your opinion
    • Week 3 - Putting it all together. 


Welcome! Our classroom uses auditory-verbal techniques to encourage listening and language development in children with hearing loss. 


During our morning circle time you are likely to catch us singing, dancing, and practicing yoga movements and breathing exercises. During our ELD block, we practice visual literacy and the accompanying language required to share our ideas and thoughts. For our literacy block, Room 6 utilizes a balanced literacy approach. You are likely to see shared reading, dialogic reading, independent writing, phonological awareness games and other elements put to intentional use to foster a love of reading and writing. For math, we use Eureka Math. We are likely to be counting the math way, completing sprints, using manipulatives, and journaling our thought processes.  For science, social studies, health, and art, we mainstream with our general education peers so we can learn from them and they, in turn, can learn from us. 


We love being a part of the Melrose M/S/T Magnet. If we're not in our classroom, we may be acting as garden rangers in our school garden with Ms. Mirabal's preschool class. We could be in dance class with Ms. Smith and Mr. Willis's kindergarten class or in music with Ms. Hann's class. Or, we may be in the science lab completing investigations and practicing our coding skills (Ms. Greiving is learning a lot!). If not there, perhaps you'll find us in the kinder yard doing ceramics with Mama Gabby. 


Outside of the classroom, Ms. Greiving and her fellow D/HH teachers enjoy hosting parent nights. For these parent nights we invite guest speakers, have panel discussions, and provide an environment for parents of children with hearing loss to meet and collaborate. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Greiving at

Our flexible schedule





BIC, device and listening checks, FM check






Letter and Word Study




Writers' Workshop & Readers' Workshop






Science/Art/Social Studies/Health


Physical Education


Dance: Fridays - K:9:00-9:50; 1st (beginning Nov. 4): 9:00-9:50

Music: Thursdays - K: 8:30-9:00; 1st:10:10-10:40

Garden Rangers - TBD

Kinder Buddies - TBD