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Room 2 Classroom Happenings

Here is a little of what we've been working on for the weeks of 4/17 and 4/24 and some questions to discuss with your student…


- Classroom Culture: We acted out role plays to show situations that might cause disappointment and impatience and learned strategies for how to deal with them. We also celebrated Poetry Month (April) by writing poems with our 5th grade buddies.

* What does it mean to be disappointed? What can you do when you feel disappointed? What does it mean to be impatient? What can you do when you feel impatient?

* What did you learn about poetry? What kinds of poems did you write with your big buddy? What kind of poem did Room 2 write as a class?


- Math: We focused on number pairs to 10 and counting to 50. Students used a variety of strategies to solve story problems to 10, including cubes, drawings, fingers, number bonds, etc.

* What are different ways to make/show the number 10?

* What strategies can you use to count when you have a big bag of things? (Examples: separating into groups of 10, touching each thing as you count, etc.)


- Literacy: In Writer’s Workshop, we worked on a variety of types of writing to persuade readers to help fix a problem. We also spent time focusing on persuasive letters and how-to books to highlight solutions to problems. For read-a-louds, we enjoyed The Lorax and The Perfect Pet to align with our persuasive writing unit. Students are making wonderful progress in their independent reading, and it is so exciting!

* What can writers add to their writing to make it really convincing?

* How can writers use letters and how-to books to convince their readers to help fix a problem?

* How do you spell “he”? How do you spell “she”?

* What are words that start with /w/? /g/?

* What was the problem in The Lorax? What is a solution?

* What did Elizabeth want in The Perfect Pet? What were the problems? What was the solution?

* What are some strategies to figure out a word you don’t know when you’re reading? (Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake)


- Science/Engineering: We have concluded our Engineering work on parachutes. Students put in an incredible amount of effort to create and improve their designs. The final test day was full of nerves and excitement. Our field trip to the Natural History Museum was a wonderful way to kick off our Science unit on animals.

* What makes the safest parachute? Do Engineers make one design and stop? What do they do instead?

* What was your favorite part of the Natural History Museum? Which animal did you sketch and label? Why?

* What does “habitat” mean? What does “diet” mean?

Thank you to families who were able to support La Noche Latina and our field trip to the Natural History Museum! I am so appreciative of these wonderful events that greatly enrich our school community.

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About Ms.Chrissy

Hello! My name is Chrissy Hann. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where I played lots of sports, planned my November birthday parties in August, and loved math. I left Southern California for a few years to complete my Bachelor's degree at Boston College. I recently moved back to Los Angeles and earned my teaching credential and Master's in Education at UCLA. My first student teaching assignment was at Melrose, and I am extremely happy to be returning as a credentialed teacher.

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