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Staff Directory/Teacher Pages


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  Principal   Magnet Coordinator   
Mathew Needleman

Stacy Bertuccelli

IMG 0126.jpg
Kelly Willis - Room 1

IMG 0707SMALLhann.jpg
Chrissy Hann - Room 2

First Grade    

IMG 0103.jpg
Miriam Arato - Room 11

IMG 0127.jpg

James Whalen - Room 12

Second Grade    
IMG 0128.jpg
Sachiko Miyaji - Room 14

IMG 0705.jpg

Kevin Gaffield - Room 16

Third Grade    

Tammy Matz - Room 23
robin small.jpg
Robin Wynne-Davis - Room 22
IMG 0123.jpg
Cesar Palacios - Room 24
Fourth Grade    
IMG 0718SMALLmedian.jpg
Leslie Medina - Room 18
IMG 0724SMALLstern.jpg
William Stern - Room 21

Fifth Grade    
IMG 0721SMALLvalera.jpg
Jessica Valera - Room 28
IMG 0725SMALLmendoza.jpg
Deborah Mendoza - Room 27