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Contact Information

The best way to contact me is through my lausd email account.

I regularly check my email and I will respond to you in a timely manner.


Fourth Grade


Mission Statement

As a teacher, I understand and strongly believe that all students are individuals who come with their own personalities and styles of learning. This way of thinking is embedded into my teaching and I use it to teach academic skills such as reading, writing, math, science, and technology. Differentiated instruction is used in my classroom to have all students reach their highest potential.

I also recognize that students have their own culture and it is my responsibility to have this play an important role in how the class will come to an understanding of each other.  I will provide my students with the necessary tools to learn life long skills that will enable them to be successful individuals in today's society. This incorporates such skills as problem solving, critical thinking, flexibility, manners, empathy, responsibility, and most importantly self-awareness.

In my classroom, all my students are equal and they will all learn from each other and myself. In return, I know that I will learn from them. We are a team and together we can achieve any goal our hearts desire.




Visit and find a motivational quote you like. Write a paragraph telling me why you find that quote inspirational. Share with me via google docs at


Math workbook pages 30, 31, 32


Read for 30-45 minutes




Read Health Book Lesson 2

Answer Questions 1-4 using Google Docs

Question 5 = Write down two personal character traits you possess and provide examples to support your statement.