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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Please click on teacher pictures for their web sites and click on their names to send an e-mail.


Mr. Willis (contact through Class Dojo)

Ms. Chrissy (contact through Class Dojo)

Ms. Newquist (contact through Class Dojo)

First Grade    

Mr. Whalen

Ms. Meza

Ms. Scheper

Second Grade    

Ms. Miyaji

Mr. Gaffield

Ms. Chun

Third Grade    

Mr. Palacios

Ms. Matz

Ms. Robin

Fourth Grade    

Ms. Arato

Ms. Medina

Ms. Bastrmadjian

Fifth Grade    

Ms. Valera

Ms. Mendoza

Mr. Stern


Mr. Needleman, Principal

Ms. Bertuccelli, Magnet Coordinator

Ms. Burns, APEIS