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Melrose Valet is Back
Posted 12/1/21

The Melrose Volunteer Valet Service is starting again next week Monday, December 6th.  Please continue reading for everything you always wanted to know about valet but were afraid to ask.

What is valet?

Now that it’s up and running you will be able to drive up curbside on Formosa and a volunteer will open the door and let your child out of the car. 

Why valet?

In addition to the convenience of a speedier drop-off, the valet service helps increase the safety of the area.  Specifically, we try to avoid blocking the intersection of Melrose and Formosa and clogging the street Formosa.

What do I need to do to use the valet service?

Your child needs to be ready to get out of the car…backpack and daily pass ready to go…hugs have already been given at home.  When the volunteer opens the door your child gets out and proceeds to the Formosa gate.

Which grade levels should use valet?

We recommend valet for students in grades 2-5.  Kindergarteners and first graders can definitely use it if they have older siblings.  Some kindergarteners first graders may be ready to use it if they can independently walk from the Formosa gate to the first grade area.  We do NOT recommend this for kindergarteners on their own.  

Do I have to use valet? 

No.  We recommend first graders and kindergarteners continue to walk up to the Detroit gate in front of the school.  Grades 2-5 students who prefer a long goodbye can continue to park elsewhere and walk up to the Formosa gate.  

What about the daily pass?

Students still need a daily pass OR to answer health screening questions at the gate.  If you create the pass on your own device please share it to your child’s e-mail or print it out.  However, please note that students will still be admitted to school if you forgot to create a daily pass.  

What can I do to ensure valet runs safely?

Have your child ready to hop out of the car.  

Pull all the way forward on Formosa

Do not open your car door until a volunteer opens it for you.

Avoid making U-Turns on Formosa or driving through the alley.  

Is this COVID safe?

Volunteers are fully vaccinated and following all LAUSD COVID protocols.  

Can I drive up in the front of the school and drop my child off?

NO YOU CANNOT.  The valet operates only on Formosa on the back side of the school.  Avoid drop-off on Detroit Street as this is a bus loading zone.