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Last Minute Reminders and FAQ for the First Day
Posted 8/15/21

Greetings Melrose Families,

Tomorrow’s the day!  We fully reopen August 16, 2021 after a year and a half of distance and hybrid learning.  This is an historic moment.  Thank you for bringing an extra dose of patience and flexibility with you to school.  Please note the following answers to frequently asked questions and remember to create a new daily pass Monday morning to help facilitate your entry onto campus.  -Mr. Needleman


No due to safety precautions related to the ongoing caronavirus pandemic.  We will make sure every child is safe and knows where they are going before school, during the school day, and afterschool.


What do I need to have for the first day of school?

1.  A negative COVID-19 test.

2.  A brand-new daily pass (create this Monday morning)

3.  A mask over my mouth and nose.  

Do I have to create a new daily pass Monday morning?


I practiced creating a daily pass and I wasn’t able to but I have a negative COVID-19 test…

Please bring a printed copy of your negative COVID-19 with you to the gate and expect delays.  


Where do I drop-off/pick-up again?  Please review our quick facts sheet.


How will my child know where to go afterschool?  

Staff members will assist in making sure students go to Star and YS.  

When/where do I turn in after-school paperwork?

All students can start their after-school programming tomorrow.  Please turn in paperwork/emergency authorizations when you pick them up at the end of the day (from the Formosa gate).  Paper copies will be available or find them on our web site.

My child is leaving campus with a private/external after-school provider?

Please make sure they follow the same pick-up procedures as all families.  

I’m upset that my upper child is on the waitlist for Star?  Who decided that free childcare should be offered to every family at Melrose?

On Tuesday, 90 applications for Star were received before 8:01am.  By 8:10am 250+ applications were received for a total of 90 spaces.  As always, spaces were given allotted first come/first serve to families based on available grade level spaces in Star.  What is different from previous years is the amount of demand for Star programming (typically we receive about 100 applications total), the lowering of the size of cohorts in Star by LAUSD (it’s now 20:1 vs 25:1 which makes less classes available to upper grade students), and the timing of the enrollment (can you imagine a kindergarten or first grade family being left without childcare two days before school starts?)  We are sorry that our 3-5 graders were not able to be accommodated in Star this year but we have YS (Youth Services) available to them starting Monday.  We are glad to be able to provide free childcare to ALL families based on our status as a Title I school.


How do I find out my child’s teacher?

Teachers can be seen after selecting the Schoology button and clicking on courses at the top of the screen.

There is no teacher listed in Schoology?

We have hired four fabulous new teachers in grades K, 2, and 5 and they will not show up yet in Schoology.  However, your child will meet them on the first day.

I still can’t find out who the teacher is and how will my child find their class on the first day?

Staff will assist all children in finding their lineup areas and/or classrooms.  


How do I know my bus routes?

Information was mailed to families and is available in the parent portal via the transportation button.


-every Tuesday school gets out at 1:30pm starting August 17th.  The bus will also arrive one hour earlier.

Mathew Needleman
Melrose Elementary Math/Science/Technology Magnet

731 N Detroit St., Los Angeles, CA 90046