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What to do if your child tests positive for COVID-19...
Posted 1/3/22

What to do if your child tested positive?

If your child tested positive for COVID-19 they must stay home and isolate until they are cleared by community engagement to return to Melrose.


What about siblings and other family members who live with the student?

Close contacts at home (e.g. siblings) are no longer required to quarantine even though they often test positive later.  They can return to school but they are required to wear a high quality (non-cloth) mask indoors.  


Do I need to upload the results of positive at-home tests?

Yes.  Please place the stick on a piece of paper and write the student's name, birthdate, and test date on the paper.  Upload this to the daily pass.  We recommend calling community engagement 213-725-5637 after you upload to make sure they accept your at home test.  If your positive test came from the weekly Melrose testing it is already uploaded and approved.


Is Zoom available for students at home?

Teachers are not required to zoom with students at home at this time.  Assignments will continue to posted on Schoology, Seesaw, etc. so students who are at home can keep up with classwork.  If students are experiencing symptoms it is important that they are resting and taking a break from schoolwork.  


Should a student who tested positive take another COVID test to come back?

Not necessarily.  

  • If they have symptoms they need to stay out of school for ten days and shouldn’t take another COVID test for 90 days.
  • If they do NOT have symptoms they can take a rapid test on day 5 and return on day 6 if the rapid test is negative.  

Both of these scenarios require clearance from community engagement before returning.  


How do I contact community engagement?

Please call 213-725-5637.  


What about SBAC Testing?

Students who are absent during SBAC testing will take a makeup test when they return.  Makeup testing can take place any time before the end of May so students who are currently isolating will not miss it.