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Contact Deborah Mendoza  Deborah Mendoza Teacher (5th Grade)
Contact Willy Stern  Willy Stern Teacher (5th Grade)
Contact Jessica Valera  Jessica Valera Teacher (5th Grade)



Fifth Grade has PE for 100 minutes per week.

Students also have GOT GAME PE with Coach Andy on Wednesdays from 1:45-2:30.


Hello, Parents and Families. Please check out our class blog page. You may comment on any of our class blogs.

A Letter to Our Class

Dear Class of 2026 Students,

We believe in you.

We trust in you.

You are listened to.

You are cared for.

You are important.

You will succeed.

Love, Ms. Mendoza, Mr. Stern, and Ms. Valera

Class of 2026 Fifth Grade

Math Problem March 18th

Click Here  for the problem.

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Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule

Alternatives to Homework

     Homework in all grade levels and all classrooms is optional.  We believe that six hours a day on academic studies is enough and that time at home is best for spending time with family, doing physical activity, and exploring the world.  Our beliefs are supported by research* that shows no academic benefit to homework in the elementary grades.  However, research also shows that too much exposure to television and video games can lead to decreased language and social skills.  For this reason, we present the following list to possible alternatives to homework:

  • Read a book (in any language, alone or with family.)
  • Make a play about what we are reading.
  • Write a blog post about the big ideas you learned today.
  • Review mathematical skills at
  • Make a movie using your laptop.
    • movie ideas - explain what you learned today, talk about what you read today, tell a story, create a prequel or sequel to a book you are reading, make a book trailer, share your ideas to improve/change the world.
  • Research a subject in which you are interested. Blog about it or make a movie.
  • Make a song using GarageBand.
  • Learn to code using Swift Playgrounds.
  • Write a story alone or with friends.
  • Design an app.
  • Paint, draw, doodle, sculpt, build something.
  • Choreograph a dance or write a song/rap that tells a story or represents a concept/skill learned today.

*Research -

Instructional Reading Levels for 5th Grade TRC (Text Reading and Comprehension)



Beginning of Year

(Aug - Sept)                

2nd Interval

(Jan - Feb)                  

End of Year

(May - June)                

4 - Exceeds Expectations

T +

U +

W +

3 - Meets Expectations

R to S


U to V

2 - Approaches Expectations


R to S


1 - Does Not Meet Expectations

P or below

Q or below          

P or below           




DonorsChoose On-Going Projects

Please help us fund these projects by sharing with your friends and family!


Thank you to all who donated to Family 28- Ms. Valera's Class. This project was fully funded!

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