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Ms. Bastrmadjian 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Bastrmadjian

Ms. Bastrmadjian's 4th Grade Class

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Personal Narrative - Complete Bubble Map, Plot (Beginning Middle End), Leads

If your student brought home their writer's notebook today, please work with them to complete the bubble map for their event, as well as a plot summary (identifying events that happened at the beginning, middle, and end of their story). 


Some students said it was challenging to choose an event in their life where they overcame a problem. Please work with your student (using the timeline they created) to help them identify an event they can write about. It is important to keep in mind their event should have some kind of problem or challenge they had to deal with.


It may also help to use family/vacation photos to jog their memory. Some students are writing about pets, family visiting, going on trips, learning a new skill, going to the hospital, siblings being born, and more! 


When done with the plot, your student should develop 3 different leads, or ways to start their story. A lead is the first sentence of their narrative. 


I have attached pictures of what was modeled in class. Please send these back with your student tomorrow (October 10). 


If you have any questions please email me. Thank you! 


Ms. Bastrmadjian 




Ms. Bastrmadjian 4th Grade Class Schedule
Ms. Bastrmadjian 4th Grade Class Schedule
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