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Language Arts

For Literacy, we implement the Units of Study in Reading and Writing from Teachers College at Columbia University.


Unit 3: Readers Have Big Jobs to Do

  • Readers will strengthen their skills to monitor their reading abilities and take action when they encounter problems. 

  • Readers develop efficient strategies for word solving and maintain/build their comprehension in longer texts.

  • Readers will put these skills altogether and read with fluency, showing off the skills they have developed over the course of the unit.  


Unit 2 and 3: How To Books and All About Books (Informational)

  • Writers will write information texts, revisit many of those texts repeatedly, and revise them independently. These texts will resemble nonfiction picture books.

  • Writers will progress towards writing chapter books which give them opportunities to work on structuring their texts. Student books will become longer and more ambitious.

  • Writers will end the unit by writing chapter books with speed and independence. Students will take all they have learned and set goals to write new and better chapter books.